Community Spirit

Rob Cao


Why do we volunteer? Why do we give back?

It’s a question that was asked several times throughout the staff day in which Laura and Rob shared their first engagements with many Community First staff (having primarily been working with the Charity’s Senior Management Team up to this point).

For each person, the answer was different – but the outcome was often the same… Many people…. many families, are given access to help and support that they usually would never have access to.

Giving back and helping those less fortunate around us is something we should all be doing more and better.

Community First is a local Wiltshire charity that touches several aspects of rural Wiltshire from providing care and support for the elderly and vulnerable, to providing activities for skills development for the young to providing local transport links to make services more accessible for residents living in hard to reach communities.

Taking part in the staff day, engaging Community First staff allowed us not only to learn more about the Charity, but also the challenges (such as skills shortages, awareness and funding) and the opportunities available to leave a real legacy in social development in our local communities.

A fantastic day, full of insight – setting the road map for building brighter futures for our communities.

Interested in finding out more? Get in touch! It’s great to talk!


Rob Cao


Have you ever had that moment when talking about I.T. and you think, “Huh?!”

If you’ve just answered “Yes”, then check out our Dynamiq Free-Source guide providing a Jargon Buster for common IT terms you may come across in every day business.

If you’ve come across any terms not on our list that have left you scratching your head, then get in touch and let us know! We’ll happily add them to our jargon buster so everyone can benefit!

You can view or download our first guide by clicking on the link below – keep coming back and we’ll keep adding more Free-sources each week!

Dynamiq IT Jargon Buster

Putting the Community First

Rob Cao


We’re delighted to announce that we’ve been selected by Wiltshire charity Community First to provide Health and Safety support for 2016/17.

Working in partnership, we will be providing Community First with NEBOSH certified Health and Safety advice and implementing compliant systems and procedures which will help to safeguard, staff, groups and communities.

Community First will also form part of our DynamiqGIFT programme where we’ll be helping to develop thriving rural communities around the Wiltshire county through training and development schemes.

Free Webinar Event – The Data is Within Breach

Rob Cao


Learn all about the cyber security risks affecting businesses every day (and how to tackle them!) in our FREE, DYNAMIQ Webinar – ‘The Data is Within BREACH

Dynamiq’s Darren Cleary, will be discussing the realistic risks and issues facing today’s businesses in a society becoming more digitally integrated each and every day.

Darren has over 15 years’ experience in IT management and development in non tech related businesses and service industries. He uses his wealth of knowledge and expertise to help businesses take an accessible and pragmatic approach to IT implementation which can safeguard businesses from the growing issues of cyber threats.


Barry O’Meara from Dynamiq’s partner, AlienVault, will be talking about AlienVault USM for protecting your business’ IT infrastructure from the daily threats it faces.

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