New Website Launched for CLT Veterinary Physiotherapy

Rob Cao


Just in time for the New Year, we’re delighted to launch the new website for Claire-luise Todd (CLT) Veterinary Physiotherapy, providing human, equine and canine care and treatments in Northallerton, North Yorkshire and the surrounding areas.

Claire-luise is a fully qualified Sports Therapist (MSc) and Veterinary Physiotherapist allowing her to provide clients with treatments for a wide range of conditions for both people and animals. She has treated Rugby teams, RAF recruits and horse liveries throughout North Yorkshire and Lancashire.

You can visit the new website here.


New Website Launched for Netheravon All Saints C of E Primary School

Rob Cao


We are so happy to launch the new website for Netheravon All Saints C of E Primary School. Netheravon All Saints is a Primary Academy based in Netheravon Wiltshire and the new website is part of an ongoing partnership with Dynamiq.

The school recently appointed a new Headteacher, Lisa Tight who is leading a period of progressive evolution at the school while retaining the values and traditions that are part of the school’s commitment to providing outstanding education and leadership for its pupils.

Here are some words from the Headteacher herself:

“Our new website provides a gateway to our learning community. We are proud of the way it captures and showcases to all visitors to the site our ethos and the exciting and engaging approach we take to all of our learning…

… we must thank Dynamiq for all their hard work and efforts to make this new website possible. It is a wonderful reflection of the vision we hold for our school and how we are striving to continually move standards forward.”

You can visit the new website right here.