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If you’re looking to drive your business growth through contract tendering but don’t have the time or the experience, then let us help!

Whether its general advice on the tendering process or hands on support in managing your bids, we’ll help you develop your value proposition using our insight and experience to give you the competitive edge.

We’ve helped our clients achieve contract wins in excess of £400 million, and we’ve helped support these wins whilst maintaining our ethical values – we don’t bid write for competing businesses and have no conflicts of interest.

We provide bid writing support in both Public and Private sectors and additionally support bids for grant funding and award submissions.

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No copy, no paste

Plenty to say but can’t find the words to say it?

Everyone has a story, and every story has an audience that wants to listen.

Our copywriters  will help you to deliver your story of your journey in the best possible way – presenting the very best of you, and showing everyone how the best of you, can help to get the best out of your audience.

Whether its for digital or print media, for website, marketing or technical documentation, we’ll help you to create the perfect copy for your audience, by getting to know you, who you are and how you work, then developing the perfect communications that capture the essence of what you are all about.

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Telling the World Your Story

If you are exceptional at what you do, we think everyone should know!

Building awareness and trust of your company and brand is the first and most important part of the customer journey. Case Studies are a striking tool to engage potential new clients – they also provide the perfect verification when submitting a bid or proposal for work.

Success stories that you share paint pictures, evoke emotions and feed potential new clients a wealth of information about how your company supports and delivers for your clients.

Our Case Studies use your client voice to engage and inform. From gathering information to the finished product, we ensure people connect with your story and develop awareness and trust in your brand.


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